jessica's resume


Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Conceptual Art
San Francisco State University – San Francisco, CA

Associate of Science in Cinema Production
City College of San Francisco – San Francisco, CA

Graphic Design / Theater
Minneapolis Technical College – Minneapolis, MN
Studied 2002 - 2004

Personal work 

Fall For Me
Post production

  • Producer / Director / Writer
  • 12 minute Narrative
  • Canon 5D
  • An old man, never leaving the comfort of his home, falls in love with a woman he watches outside his window

May 2011

  • 2 hour Video installation
  • Canon T2i
  • 6 individuals have agreed to share their unique stories so that others can hear and understand a little of another’s life, and learn the value of listening.

May 2011

  • 14 minute Documentary
  • Canon T2i
  • Rebeca Flores speaks about Danza, the ancient ceremonial dance of the Mexican people.

Cut Above the Rite
March 2011

  • Producer / Director / Writer
  • 10 minute Narrative
  • Canon 7D
  • A young boy is thrown into a man’s world of friendship, love, booze, and butchery.

March 2011

  • Producer / Director / Writer
  • 2 minute Narrative
  • Canon 7D
  • Running for her life, a woman is chased by a knife wielding man, with nowhere to go but up.

October 2010

  • Producer / Director / Writer
  • 6 Minute Narrative Short
  • Canon 7D
  • Screened at the Horror Festival in Cupertino, CA
  • Won Best Actor Award
  • A young businessman plans to have his partner killed, but his partner has other plans.

July 2010

  • Director / Cinematographer / Editor
  • 2 minute stop motion narrative
  • Canon t2i
  • Pablo, a little plastic toy, jumps off the shelf to have a little fun.


Too Pretty to Skateboard
November 2009

  • Director / Cinematographer / Editor
  • 3 minute Documentary
  • Digital - Pro Consumer Mini DVD
  • Profile of a skateboarder who was not ‘pretty’ enough to make it to the pros.

August 2009

  • Producer/Director / Writer / Cinematographer/ Editor
  • 3 minute narrative short
  • Digital – Pro Consumer Mini DVD
  • Screened at the three minute Film Festival in San Francisco
  • A young man is convinced his ex-girlfriend is stocking him. Little does he know how far he is from the truth.

Anything For You
May 2008

  • Producer / Director / Writer
  • 8 minute narrative short
  • Digital - Pro Consumer Mini DVD
  • Screened at the Double Play Triple Play Festival in San Francisco
  • Best friends are having coffee when one reveals that she wants to have an affair with the other, the other is utterly dismayed at this notion. But not because of reasons we are aware of.


Production Experience

The Master – Motion Picture Drama
Production Assistant

Argentina – Feature Film Drama
Production Assistant / Boom Op

Spider – (TV Commercial) Kaboom Productions
Production Assistant

Dreaming to Wake  - Short Narrative
Camera Operator
1st Assistant Camera

Pool Pirates - Short Narrative
Assistant Director

Perm it to Firm it - Feature Narrative
 Assistant Director

Karma – Short Narrative
Assistant Director

12 Gateways – Spiritual Healing Video
Videographer and editor

Jeanette – Short Narrative
Script Supervisor

The Office  - Short Narrative
Script Supervisor

The Hit  - Short Narrative
Production Sound Assistant

Almond Board of California – Corporate Video
Production Assistant

Celebrate Express Halloween – Magazine Catalog
Assistant Stylist

Rhinestone Kitties – Music Video
Assistant Stylist

People Magazine  - Magazine Shoot
Assistant Stylist

Post - Production Experience

Peter Rowan  - Documentary of a Bluegrass Musician
Video Editor

Synergy - Documentary about the Mosaic Artists, Sarah Lawrence
Editor  - Won Best Children’s Documentary

Eye on You – Narrative Feature
Sound Design Engineering Assistant