It was Memorial Weekend 2010, and Pete and I were sitting at a burger joint talking about our future. Frustrated with the band he was in, and concerned with the next chapter in his life, a transition needed to be made. The possibility of us working together always surfaced during these times of change, and with our mutual love of film and video, it was natural for us to revert back to what we love to do… together.

Starting from the ground up, we both have learned to adapt quickly to any job, location and challenges that we face.  Either working as a team or working solo, we both take on each new project with great pride, professionalism, and excitement. Our skills and craftsmanship are constantly being fined tuned as well as our growing dedication to this industry.

what’s with the name?

Our feeling has always been, when you reach the age of 27 you view the world differently, bringing new opportunities that is shown through a new kind of light. And the big reason, we were married on September 27, so the name just made sense.

peter deutscher
peter deutscher
jessica johnston